The new functionality has been developed in conjunction with client requests for further enhancements to their exception management capabilities. This functionality is already in use within SmartStream’s own Reference Data Utility (RDU) and now the TLM Exception Management solution will seamlessly interface with all of SmartStream’s solutions as well as other third party solutions, delivering a single point of exception management. 

Task management, which is at the core of the solution, enables users to follow a sequence of consistent and well-defined actions enabling them to resolve exceptions in a matter of minutes. The solution proactively takes the user through the operational steps necessary to resolve exceptions, enforcing sign off at a stage when required, providing a previously unavailable level of accountability. 

The new ‘Alerting’ functionality notifies the user and supervisor when action needs to be taken, ensuring nothing has been missed. The solution is highly configurable supporting truly multi-national use with local customisation options. 

Darryl Twiggs, EVP Product Management, SmartStream, states: “We have developed solutions in partnership with our clients, adopting their requests and enhancing the solution accordingly. This partnership approach is something we thrive on, and it allows us to better understand our client’s thinking and their strategic direction.”