Managed Services and Cloud Environments

SmartStream is recognised as the trusted partner in the delivery of cloud-based and managed services solutions. These solutions are designed to realise customers’ operational excellence goals.

Our services, which focus heavily on business outcomes, are pivotal in achieving significant risk and cost reductions, while also improving business transparency and efficiency.

Immediately accessible through a broad range of flexible deployment options, our solutions deliver industry-leading technology and operational expertise across functions such as: reconciliations, corporate actions, collateral management, cash and liquidity management, fees and expense management, and reference data.

Trusted by the industry and regulators, our solutions have achieved PCI-DSS certification, SOC 1, 2, 3, ISO27001 and ISO27002 standards.

SmartStream, in partnership with our customers, recognises the importance of resiliency and responsiveness in challenging times, the need for instant scalability and sustainability in better times, and the value of significant, continuous investment for future times.

Modernising our reconciliation processing is critical to increasing productivity, reducing costs, as well as meeting regulatory requirements.

Deutsche Bank


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