Data Transformation Services

Data fuels digital transformation. Handled well, data can be pure gold, empowering organisations to make more informed decisions, increase efficiency, and boost profitability.

SmartStream solutions enable organisations to unlock the value of their data. Our cloud-native, AI-based technology is creating a revolution in the way firms study data, allowing large sets of data to be compared within seconds, regardless of format and complexity.

We’re also leading the way with our reference data services, ensuring that even companies with the most complex requirements can access the high quality, reliable data they need to trade successfully and meet reporting obligations accurately.

Our technology allows customers to create flexible, agile data strategies for their digital and cloud-based operating models. By working with our Innovation Lab, they are achieving best practice implementation for AI and machine learning.

Powered by sophisticated analytics, our solutions help establish strong data management foundations, lifting operational efficiency, enhancing customer experience, improving regulatory compliance, and facilitating digital transformation.

The ability to provide markets with accurate and complete data, regardless of trading type, is an important component in this ambition, and one that Nasdaq is happy to support by joining the Systematic Internaliser Registry.


SmartStream Air

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Match any data for any reason in an instant

The fastest, cloud native, pure AI data quality application


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