What is Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®)?

Transaction Lifecycle Management (TLM®) is SmartStream’s trademarked approach to solving operational processing challenges by understanding the end-to-end transaction flow – from trade inception to settlement. Improved automation and visibility are delivered by independent operational controls and a systematic approach.

A powerful suite of straight through processing (STP) workflow solutions carry hallmark scalability and flexibility, offering an unmatched standard of operational control and risk management. With AI and machine learning being embedded in all solutions, customers can deploy the latest technologies, whilst protecting their investments. SmartStream is a recognised industry leader and its solutions have attained many awards and accolades, voted for by financial services practitioners and its customers.

Through SmartStream’s innovation and investment in the latest technology, customers can build scalable, flexible processes that bring real time visibility and control to operations. TLM solutions do not force the replacement of legacy systems, instead they leverage core capabilities and protect clients’ investments, retiring only those areas of weakness whilst integrating and adding to existing processing capabilities. In so doing, TLM solutions empower complex processing requirements across the front, middle and back-office.

The TLM suite can be deployed at speed via a range of solutions and services including managed services and cloud environments, resulting in low IT costs and ease of data reporting across operational processes.

The solution suite includes:

  • TLM Aurora – Advanced Payment Control
  • TLM Aurora – Digital Payments Control
  • TLM Aurora – Universal Data Control
  • TLM Cash & Liquidity Management
  • TLM Collateral Management
  • TLM Corporate Actions Processing
  • TLM Fees & Expense Management
  • TLM OnDemand / SaaS
  • TLM Reconciliations Premium
  • TLM Trade Process Control