Webinar replay: T+1 to T+0 operations – the ultimate endgame

Equities trading markets in North America have begun their mandated journey to T+1. Industry associations have been successful in pushing for this change and getting the SEC to make the necessary regulatory changes. With a go-live date of May 28, 2024, firms have little time to waste.

Organised by Financial Technologies Forum and sponsored by SmartStream, this webinar is focused on how to get to T+1 operational excellence and how firms must find the best path forward.

  • The T+1 push is shaping up to be the last great battle to eliminate silos. How can silos transition to a more interconnected information supply chain?
  • How will T+1 impact the relationships between financial services firms and their: custodians and prime brokers; service providers; IT vendors; business partners; and the regulators?
  • T+1 will disrupt key operations such as securities lending, SWIFT messaging, and collateral management – for starters. Is it possible for firms to develop a holistic strategy that can accommodate multiple changes at once? How can firms address fragmented operations?
  • Does the move to T+1 require a full overhaul of incumbent IT systems, or can there be an augmentation of existing systems?
  • Some say that T+0 is the ultimate endgame. Some regions and sectors are already at T+0. What can the industry learn from them as it shifts to T+1?

Webinar with:

  • Tim Kelly – Director of Operations, Driehaus Capital Management
  • Chris Ekonomidis – Director, Transformation, BNY Mellon
  • Vincent Kilcoyne – Executive Vice President Product Management, SmartStream
  • Robert Walley – Principal, Financial Services, Deloitte