TLM Reconciliations-Premium

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Providing flexible self-service for business end users, comprehensive trend analysis for match rate optimisation, plus exception reduction and model choices for each reconciliation. These advantages allow financial institutions to reduce operational overheads, as well as to shape the solution easily, in an innovative way, thereby positively contributing to business success.

Incoming regulatory initiatives are obliging institutions to perform greater numbers of reconciliations and are increasing the complexity of the data they must handle. Non-regulatory reconciliations are on the up, too, with firms carrying out more reconciliations between internal systems.

To promote efficiency, reduce overheads and to better control risk, financial firms are seeking a single tool to manage all reconciliations across the organisation. Companies are keen to respond to regulatory change but without the need for time-consuming, expensive IT projects. In addition, they want a flexible system which gives business users greater independence, reducing reliance on overstretched delivery teams and keeping costs down. Firms must respond to these challenges while ensuring that operational overheads do not spiral out of control.

TLM Reconciliations Premium is a single, reconciliations-agnostic solution. It incorporates industry best practices in pre-configured business processes for multiple reconciliation types, creating a highly scalable transaction processing environment, flexible enough to cope with changing market and regulatory demands.

A powerful matching engine and integrated exception management capabilities deliver the highest possible automated match rates and ensure any failed transactions are escalated, repaired and returned to the process flow. TLM Reconciliations Premium offers a comprehensive range of features including financial proofing and data analytics capabilities. Proofing is available by asset, currency and in combination, providing the flexibility to create a range of mathematical proofs, from simple trial balances through to complex NAVs. Analytical features are available for business users to analyse results in real time, to find underlying causes for breaks and to identify opportunities to improve matching hit rates.

The solution focusses on ease of use and simplicity, while a sophisticated layer of AI promotes business user independence and facilitates self-service. These advantages, combined with the solution’s ability to rapidly onboard a broad range of reconciliations, and a range of persistence options, enable institutions to keep overheads down to sustainable levels.

RDU API Access
TLM Aurora – Universal Data Control
The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) – MiFID II Service
The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) – Listed Derivatives Service
The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) – SFTR Service
The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) – Systematic Internaliser Registry