TLM Aurora – Universal Data Control

Real-time, high volume, flexible reconciliations processing, combining sophisticated AI, machine learning and cloud technology.

What is TLM Aurora Universal Data Control?

TLM Aurora Universal Data Control matches any reconciliations data, from basic to complex, using a unique combination of AI, machine learning and cloud technology. Developed in response to client demand, the solution is a sophisticated synthesis of SmartStream’s most advanced technological capabilities.

Deploying innovative event-streaming technology, the solution frees users from the limitations of a database-focused approach, enabling them to reconcile high volumes of data quickly, and to achieve flexible, scalable, real-time processing.

The introduction of advanced new AI modules speeds up transaction matching, reduces manual touchpoints, and allows matching rules to be set up and edited very flexibly. Reconciliations can be onboarded quickly, permitting new systems, products and processes to be checked rapidly.

TLM Aurora Universal Data Control helps financial institutions to adopt advanced production processes, assisting them to address the challenges and opportunities presented by home-working, digital banking, rapidly changing messaging standards such as ISO 20022, and cloud technology.

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