SmartStream Sibos Series: Mark Morris

Mark Morris, head of sales for managed services at SmartStream Technologies, chats to Victor Anderson in the run up to Sibos 2021.

In this video interview, they discuss:

  • The increase in popularity of managed services since the onset of the Covid pandemic, and how well prepared SmartStream was to respond to the uptick in enquiries from new and existing clients.
  • The factors he believe sets SmartStream apart from other managed service providers in the industry.
  • Where most of the demand is coming from right now in terms of the types of capital markets firms looking for managed service support, and the types of managed services (business processes) they are looking to consume.
  • What SmartStream has in store from a managed services perspective for the year ahead, including what he refers to as “joining the dots” between SmartStream’s various on-demand offerings.