Innovation in Superannuation Achieving operational excellence

Australia’s superannuation industry plays a critical role in the delivery of retirement incomes for its members. Supers also contribute to the Australian economy through their investment activities of superannuation assets. It is therefore critical that registered superannuation entity licensees (RSE), regulators, members and other interested stakeholders have access to high quality, consistent data to deliver outcomes to their beneficiaries, as well as provide timely, reliable investment performance information for stakeholders and accurate, granular data to the regulators.

SmartStream solutions use the most advanced technologies to help superannuation’s realise their data transformation and create leaner post trade operations, allowing them to meet today’s, and tomorrow’s challenges with confidence.

To promote efficiency, reduce overheads and to better control risk, superannuation firms are seeking a single tool to manage all reconciliations across the organisation. Companies are keen to respond to regulatory change but without the need for time-consuming, expensive IT projects.

We recognise the importance of addressing critical gaps in the current reporting framework and have some of the most advanced AI-based solutions for data transformation and reconciliations that help firms address the cost and complexity associated with implementing the level of granularity being sought as part of APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) data strategy.

Many firms are also now looking to optimise their operating model, through managed services. This approach allows firms to leverage technology and expertise know-how from trusted business partners with specific technology expertise, freeing them to focus on critical asset management operations.

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