In Person

Roundtable Singapore: Advancing Sustainable Strategies for Enhancing Cost of Income (COI) Efficiency

Date: Wednesday, 3 April
Location: Singapore
Time: 16:30 SGT

Join us and CGG for an engaging and informative roundtable discussion where industry leaders will explore three critical topics aimed at achieving cost optimisation:

  1. Enhancing Transparency in Cost of Income
    Delve into strategies for enhancing transparency in various fee categories such as BC&E, agent bank, and custody fees. Explore how trade data analytics can provide insights into volumes, fees, effective rates, and identify optimisation opportunities. Gain a deeper understanding of key cost drivers and optimise pricing strategies.
  2. Harnessing Generative AI for Fee and Volume Analytics
    Explore the transformative potential of generative AI in reviewing fee and volume analytics. Gain insights into trends and patterns of cost changes. We will discuss methods for developing a summarised storyline to explain fee changes period-over-period in a clear and concise manner – enabling COI owners to effectively communicate findings and recommendations.
  3. Navigating Cloud Strategy Alignment with Cost Optimisation Goal
    Discuss challenges and opportunities in managing cloud costs amidst increasing demand for cloud services. Explore effective methods for monitoring and controlling cloud spending, best practices and tools for cloud cost optimisation, and strategies for leveraging the benefits while mitigating risks.

Join us as we explore these topics and share strategies for advancing cost optimisation and efficiency in the COI landscape.

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Lisa Susanto on +65-62247689