Regulatory change management – challenges, solutions and case studies

Date: Tuesday, 7 December
Location: Global
Time: 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT / 4:00pm CET

Regulatory change has become part of the fabric of capital markets. It has also become increasingly complex as more regulations are introduced, significant amendments are made frequently, and small changes are made on a rolling basis – the whole made more difficult by jurisdictional interpretation and the UK’s amended regulatory regime post Brexit.

If keeping up with regulatory change is a challenge, efficient and effective implementation can be more taxing bearing in mind that not only must regulatory changes be made, but also changes to associated controls, risk management, and policies.

The stakes are high as regulators increase scrutiny of compliance and issuance of penalties for non-compliance. In response, firms are turning to regulatory intelligence, automation, third-party data services, machine learning and artificial intelligence to create compliant yet flexible regulatory change management solutions.

Register for the webinar to find out about:

  • The expected pace of regulatory change going forward
  • How to keep on top of regulatory change on a global basis
  • Best practice approaches to holistic change management
  • Helpful technologies, tools, data services and solutions
  • Examples of successful deployments that go beyond compliance


Linda Coffman, EVP, SmartStream RDU
Andrew McIntyre, Business Development Manager, SAI Global
Colin Ware, Regulatory Product Manager, BNY Mellon
Rabya Anwar, Partner, Keystone Law
Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group

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