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ISLA 31st Annual Securities Finance & Collateral Management Conference

Date: Tuesday, 18 June - Thursday, 20 June
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Venue: President Wilson Hotel

As the conference enters its fourth decade, the importance of securities finance in all its incarnations has never been greater, as financial markets continue to grapple with the shadows cast by a complex and ever-changing geopolitical landscape; 2024 will see democracy tested to its limits, with more than half the world’s population voting in some seventy countries.   

Although said many times before, this is set to be a year of real transition for the industry, as we begin to better understand how the implementation of the Basel IV regime will change our perspectives and attitudes towards the wider financing and collateral markets. Existing actors from the traditional value chain, including those at either end, such as Institutional Investors and Alternative Investment Managers (AIMs), may well exit the market, whilst others will see the opportunity to leverage returns and drive new products and outcomes.  

At the same time, there is no doubt that the key elections in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States could well shape our political and advocacy agenda for the next three to five years, including settlement discipline and the desire by the politicians and regulators to drive towards T+1. Perhaps the moment has finally arrived when we grab the nettle of archaic and outdated systems that are themselves a natural barrier to innovation and efficiency. 

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