How to achieve operational efficiency in transaction fees and expense management?

Date: Tuesday, 7 March
Location: Online
Venue: Online
Time: 10:00 JST

Discuss best practices and industry initiatives in managing fees and expense management, to drive business profitability and cost-efficiency.
Capital markets firms have never been under greater pressure than they are right now to provide investors, regulators and their own internal stakeholders with greater transparency around the various fees they incur, especially related to execution and transaction costs, given how they directly impact the bottom line.

This online seminar (in Japanese) explores day-to-day costs that typically affect financial services firms’ profitability, while looking at the technologies they can deploy to help them better identify the sources of their costs.

1. Ben Harrison, Global Head of Brokerage, Clearing and Exchange Fees, Credit Suisse
2. Bharat Malesha, Executive VP, Global Head of Fees and Expense Management, SmartStream

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