The partnership will allow customers to simultaneously realize the operational benefits of SmartStream’s fully automated TLM Corporate Actions processing application and CCH Capital Changes’ authoritative corporate actions adjusted basis and tax content.

TLM Corporate Actions automates the complete front to back process for mandatory and voluntary events. It is a modular solution, which can be deployed in its entirety as a powerful end-to-end processing hub or individually to address specific functional requirements within the corporate actions environment. TLM Corporate Actions delivers functionality across the key processing areas: Data Feed Scrubbing, Event Management, Entitlement Processing and Exception Management.

Renowned for its accuracy, completeness and timeliness, CCH Capital Changes delivers the market-leading corporate action content of CCH INCORPORATED – providing the facts and figures needed to properly report the tax consequences of corporate actions. A staff of highly skilled editors with significant legal, tax and accounting backgrounds review, verify and analyze primary source documents. The CCH Commentary offers guidance for booking a transaction and is included when the related tax opinion is not provided, or is ambiguous or incomplete. All CCH calculations are created in strict accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

“While TLM Corporate Actions is a data agnostic platform with more than 40 data feeds mapped into the solution, including SWIFT, we believe the addition of CCH Capital Changes addresses the need to offer clients definitive tax information which is key to corporate action processing. We also plan to develop system enhancements that can fully utilize the in-depth reporting and tax guidance that CCH offers. The combination of CCH and SmartStream offers customers an intelligent, automated Corporate Actions solution,” said Darryl Twiggs, Product Director, SmartStream Technologies.

“We see tremendous benefits for customers who rely on CCH Capital Changes content and are planning to automate their corporate actions processing. This pre-packaged integration will enable them to gain even greater ROI from automating this risk intensive area of operations.” said Peggy Hayner, Marketing Manager for CCH Capital Changes. She added, “SmartStream’s sophisticated messaging component assures all key areas -from operations to investors - receive the reliable and timely information they need to make critical decisions.”