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How A.I. Can Improve Exceptions Management: SmartStream

SmartStream Technologies is exploring ways to apply artificial intelligence (A.I.) to exceptions management after successfully applying A.I. to onboarding reconciliations, says Jethro MacDonald, a product manager for artificial intelligence and machine learning at SmartStream Technologies.

FTF News recently got the chance to speak with Jethro MacDonald at the SIBOS conference in Amsterdam, Oct. 10-13.

MacDonald commented on the latest offerings from SmartStream, particularly those that were showcased at SIBOS, and focused on how the post-trade systems and services provider is “looking at how can we better clients’ experience by helping them with the manual experience of managing exceptions.”

“So. we’re actually able to learn from a user’s behavior how they assign exceptions, the priority they give it, the labels they put on it. And from that we can automate that for a client in the future,” MacDonald says.

The chat also covered how advanced technologies can help with the current crop of post-trade and data challenges that firms are facing now. These issues are being factored into SmartStream’ s offerings to come and for future features and functions of key systems and applications.

The marriage of A.I. and exceptions management “has endless opportunities because we can even then automate workflows that are driven off the back of these exceptions,” MacDonald says.