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In Person

T+1: Getting ready for the race 2023

Date: Thursday, 15 June
Location: Americas
Venue: The Dream Downtown, New York

T+1 is coming May 2024. Will you be ready? Key industry groups and regulators in the United States and Canada are leading the way for the transition to T+1. They are setting milestones and deadlines and providing guidance for a major industry move that other regions will follow.

Join Financial Technologies Forum (FTF) on June 15th in New York for many insightful discussions on the path to T+1 settlement.

SmartStream is proud to be a sponsor at the event. Join Nick Smith, EVP Managed Services, SmartStream and other industry experts in this panel discussing:
‘Overhauling technology in a hurry’.

Need more information, please contact:
Ines Pascoal Neves on +44 (0)7500 010381