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In Person

North American Financial Information Summit

Date: Tuesday, 17 May
Location: Americas
Venue: etc.venues 360 Madison, New York

SmartStream is proud to sponsor the North American Financial Information Summit, delivering the future tense of data & technology in capital markets.

Join us for the below panel session at 11:35am (ET).

Panel: You will be assimilated – why interoperability is key to a business’s success

  • Why is it key to get trading ecosystems to talk to each other?
  • Enterprise desktops can be complex, especially in financial services, comprehending legacy applications and third-party apps and systems. How do you bring these into current workflows?
  • Where are we at with open standards like FDC3? How useful and/or mature are they?
  • The future of interop: What kinds of enhancements do you expect to see emerge to accelerate implementations, to use AI/ML, and to align with open standards?

Rocky Martinez, CTO, SmartStream RDU
Kim Jaffee-Prado, BMO Capital Markets
Ellen Getile, Sumitomo Mitsui

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