The RDU overcomes this challenge by sourcing the data direct from 100+ exchanges, supplementing the exchange data with a rich set of static data that defines how contracts trade, self-sourcing and applying corporate actions to the underlying products and cross-referencing to the key proprietary identifiers used in the market. The RDU maintains the data to the highest level of quality and delivers it in time for the start of the trading day. 

The RDU offers the best Futures and Options reference data on the market: 

  • Sourced from 100+ exchanges with comprehensive coverage for Options, Futures, Options on Futures and Calendar Spreads 
  • Comprehensive attribute and static data coverage – sourcing more than 250 attributes that are critical to front office and back office processing 
  • Monitoring of securities data for corporate actions and Holiday Calendars with updates applied prior to market open 
  • A complete unambiguous cross-reference covering key market identifiers and underliers 
  • A range of enrichment sources are available and can be added on demand significantly enhancing the exchange sources 
  • An intuitive User Interface offers simple access to the universe of data and its lineage 
  • A robust data quality program with thousands of business rules that programmatically validate the data and capture the best practise from our demanding customers. New customers bring new data quality checks and all customers benefit 
  • 24 * 7 operations and customer support with queries handled directly by expert staff 
  • Full handling of vendor and exchange feed change notifications, with changes applied promptly, minimising the impact and cost to you and your business 
  • Easy integration into your security master with file based delivery customised to meet your needs 
  • Easy integration directly in to your trade workflow with cloud based REST APIs 
  • A range of custom services including Business Process Outsourcing is also available