SI Registry Information Session

SmartStream Webinar
Date Thursday, 26 July
Location Online webinar
Venue Dial-in details to be announced

On the 1st September 2018 the Systematic Internaliser (SI) Regime ceases to be optional, and ESMA will mandate that firms trading volumes in excess of published thresholds become SIs in those instruments.

Suddenly understanding who is an SI in which instruments becomes more important and more complicated as the ESMA mandates will be highly granular as defined in ESMA RTS 2.

The SI Registry is a collaboration between the SmartStream RDU and a group of Approved Publication Arrangements (APAs). The initiative is open to all APAs and SIs and offers a comprehensive and granular set of data from a growing population of SIs – offering the only comprehensive source of this data and is essential to ensure correct MIFID II trade reporting.

Please join us for an overview of how the APA community and the SmartStream RDU are coordinating this change, how they are collecting the listings of which SI is providing what SI services, and how you can get access to this data.

Specific agenda items for these sessions will include: 

  • Walk through the finalized SI Registry Template 
  • Review sample data as it relates to COFIA file’s added Segmented Criteria 
  • Best practices guidelines 
  • Q/A 

You can choose to attend these sessions on either of the following dates: 

  • July 10 (9am EDT / 2pm BST) 
  • July 26 (8am EDT / 1pm BST) 
  • August 8 (8am EDT / 1pm BST)
For further information please call Lisa Susanto on +65-62247689 or contact us.