Fireside Chat with SmartStream’s Jethro MacDonald about AI and machine learning

Jethro MacDonald explains how SmartStream is using AI and machine learning technology to help its clients address a number of challenges around their reconciliation functions.

Jethro MacDonald, head of product management at SmartStream’s Innovation Lab, explains how the firm is incorporating AI and machine learning technology into its various products that allow its clients to address a number of day-to-day challenges across a range of functions, most notably reconciliations.

In this interview he discusses:

  • What SmartStream brings to the reconciliations table from an AI/ML perspective that sets it apart from other similar providers.
  • What clients can reasonably expect in terms of performance enhancements to their reconciliations functions on the back of using SmartStream’s AI/ML-based reconciliations platform.
  • How Affinity, the observational learning functionality embedded within the Reconciliations Premium platform, works, and how it can enhance firms’ overall reconciliations functions.