Best practice approaches for corporate actions automation

Date: Thursday, 18 November
Location: Global
Time: 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT / 4:00pm CET

Demand for timely and accurate corporate actions data is growing as volumes and complexity rise, and financial institutions acknowledge the increasingly costly gap between accurate corporate actions processing in real, or near-real, time and faulty processing caused by poor data and resulting in missed opportunities to optimise revenue.

While many firms currently process parts of corporate actions manually, the need in today’s digital markets is to automate processing, reduce manual intervention, cut down costs, and improve client service levels.

Of course there are challenges, such as data sourcing, quality, consolidation and distribution, but there are also solutions. These ease the burden of corporate actions processing by taking an holistic approach to event lifecycles and sourcing high quality, accurate and timely data that fulfils, but does not overreach, the corporate actions processing requirement.

The webinar will cover:

  • The importance of tracking increasing volumes of corporate actions
  • Problems caused by manual intervention and compromised data
  • Best practice approaches to automating corporate actions processing
  • How to source and ensure high quality, accurate and timely data
  • Benefits of getting corporate actions right, penalties of getting them wrong


  • Kerry White, Independent Advisor and Corporate Actions Specialist, Formerly JP Morgan & BNY Mellon
  • Maureen Gallagher, Head of Enterprise Reference Data, Bloomberg LP
  • Neil Sheppard, Global Head of Business Development Asset Servicing, SmartStream
  • Moderator: Sarah Underwood, Editor, A-Team Group
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