How digital banking is facing rapid changes in the ‘instant’ world. The rise of payment mediums across Asia continues to pull greater demand for ‘instant’ services.

Payment platforms such as AliPay and WeChat are gaining more users in Asia. As the region embraces technology faster than its counterparts, the demand for mobile payment solutions increases at a faster rate. But like all good things, there are actions that banks must take to keep up with the changing landscape in the industry.

Asia Banking and Finance Magazine spoke with Roland Brandli, Strategic Product Manager for Digital Payments of SmartStream, to get the latest update on the banking payment landscape. Brandli said that the adoption of contactless payments, particularly for mobile apps, which has become the biggest change in recent years, made this possible. “The adoption of contactless payments is huge. Before, someone would go to an ATM, take money out of it, and you would buy 20 coffees with that cash. That was one transaction for a bank. Now, he pays 20 times with a contactless payment device, which means it’s 20 transactions for the bank,” Brandli said. From this development, the banking industry today revolves around an ‘instant’ world—one where clients expect to have transactions completed faster with mobile solutions.