Meet The Experts: The true cost of operational losses and the need to overhaul internal processes

Date: Monday, 11 October
Location: Global
Time: 10:30am BST / 11:30am CET

New research produced by Finextra examines what more can be done to translate operational risk measurement into operational and financial margin improvements, and the barriers to overcome.

Doggedly pursuing operational processes ‘because this is how it has always been done’ must be abandoned. A new mindset that is open to embracing new solutions and technologies is essential if traditional firms are to overhaul their operations and compete in a new digital age. As a result, the imperative to evolve has found itself as a top priority among large, established banks.

Join our industry experts as they discuss the following topics:

• How has the regulatory climate impacted financial institutions’ ability to innovate?
• How do we begin to quantify ‘operational debt’ and how is it impacting the bottom line?
• Where are the hurdles in banks’ legacy systems that cause the most significant challenge for overhauling operational processes?
• How can organisations leverage technological opportunities to improve their legacy operational processes?

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