SmartStream Air 2 Breaks Cover… and the Rules of Data Reconciliation

About this Research Paper

Exactly one year ago, SmartSteam Technologies unveiled SmartStream Air, a cloud-native, artificial intelligence-based data reconciliation platform that dramatically reduces the time it takes for capital markets firms to produce reconciliation results compared with other tools already on the market. Now, the London-based technology firm is at it again—this time with Air 2, which, thanks to its observational learning functionality, upends the conventions of rules-based reconciliations and promises as much of a step change in the recons space as its predecessor.

This paper is based on a series of interviews that took place in the third quarter of 2020 with two of SmartStream’s staff members intimately involved in the development, launch and commercialization of SmartStream Air 2: Andreas Burner, chief innovation officer for blockchain and artificial intelligence, based in Vienna; and Victoria Harverson, global head of business development for SmartStream Air, based in Singapore.

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