AI in the financial sector: Looking Beyond the Buzzword with NatWest, SmartStream and UniCredit

In this episode of the Fintech Show Fintech Finance is talking about AI in the financial sector with Jonathan Hall, Head of Digital at NatWest, Roland Brandli, Strategic Product Manager at SmartStream Technologies and Dr Shivaji Dasgupta who is Chief Data and Intelligence Officer at UniCredit. At Sibos 2023, Brandli lets us know how ISO 20022 will shake things up, making huge amounts of data available.

The challenge of course, is how institutions deal with that safely and effectively. AI could be the answer and we hear about the flexibility SmartStream offer in this area. Hall takes us beyond the buzzword and reveals multiple use cases including the ability to clean up data and identify trends. Dasgupta echoes this and talks about bringing real value to customers and staff, particularly in the area of access rights. It’s a fascinating look at where this technology is heading.