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A-Team Group: Regulatory Data Handbook 2021/22

A-Team Group’s Regulatory Data Handbook is dedicated to helping you gain a full understanding of regulations related to your organisation from the details of requirements to best practice implementation.

The handbook takes a wide geographic view of the regulatory landscape, adding key regulations in the Asia Pacific jurisdictions of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia. Following Brexit, it reviews the emergence of financial policy and regulation in the UK, changes to specific regulations, and their similarities and differences to European Union obligations.

Alongside new ESG and Asia Pacific entries, the handbook includes recent regulatory mandates such as the US Corporate Transparency Act and the European Union’s second Capital Requirements Regulation.

Other entries are updated to reflect their current status, and data and data management requirements, and all are accompanied by a brief ‘At a glance’ description of the regulation, as well as a timeline and links to original regulatory texts and other publications that we hope will be helpful.

Industry Report: A-Team-Group Regulatory Data Handbook 9th Edition - Nov-2021

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