BRITech is a WealthTech that offers solutions for the Investment Management ecosystem with a SaaS business model and more than 320 clients in 22 countries, with more than 120 dedicated full-time professionals, processing daily + USD 600 million AUC (Assets Under Control).

Founded in 2012 as a service company (BRIT Services at the time), in 2014 the company was renamed BRITech and started the transition to a SaaS company with a focus on Investment Management. It operates in 4 fundamental pillars in the delivery of investment management solutions: experience, technology, productivity, and excellence.

Since 2015 BRITech is an investee of Oria Capital, Growth Equity for B2B technology companies, creating business continuity and innovation in the world.

BRITech offers technology solutions for financial institutions in Brazil, Argentina and Chile, and distributes SmartStream’s reconciliations, reference data and collateral management solutions.