Q&A interview with Roque Martinez, CTO, SmartStream RDU

12 questions asked by Fintech Finance News and answered by Roque Martinez, CTO, SmartStream RDU:

  • 00:00 Q1: Tell us something about you?
  • 00:53 Q2: Can you tell us more about SmartStream?
  • 01:30 Q3: What are the challenges when trying to implement AI?
  • 03:08 Q4: What are some SmartStream use-cases?
  • 04:43 Q5: How does SmartStream help make sense of all the data?
  • 05:14 Q6: How does SmartStream help meet all demands?
  • 07:17 Q7: What are some of the use-cases that inspire you?
  • 08:35 Q8: How does SmartStream help institutions with the changes in the payment industry?
  • 10:24 Q9: How does increased data set going to change the way AI can be used in payments?
  • 11:48 Q10: How does SmartStream use AI to help institutions?
  • 13:37 Q11: How is SmartStream helping the insurance industry?
  • 15:26 Q12: Looking to the future?
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