SmartStream Air

Data Management is a significant challenge

High volumes of low quality data, multiple external and internal data sources and format proliferation makes traditional, IT project based onboarding models unsuitable for a huge variety of data integrity checks and tasks. SmartStream Air was created to provide the solution to this problem and challenge it in these three areas:

Delivery Model

  • No need to implement, go live same day, switch on, ready for use
  • Cloud native, SaaS only, no upgrades, no support needed, no burden


  • Drop in low quality data, any shape,size or structured format
  • No training is needed, SmartStreamAir leverages AI to perform thetask end to end and behaves like a consumer app
  • AI technology completes a process usually measured in weeks and months in seconds


  • No constraints to scaling volumes and adding new functionality – continuous innovation
  • Total cost of ownership is transparent and can be controlled
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