Dr. Darryl Twiggs

Diretor de Tecnologia

Darryl recently became Chief Technology Officer at SmartStream. He was previously SVP Strategic Initiatives, and as such was responsible for the innovation and business direction of new strategic solutions from inception to delivery.

Darryl joined SmartStream in 1999, as product manager for reconciliations and delivered the first version of TLM Reconciliations in 2001. By 2002 Darryl was instrumental in setting up and managing the global customer base of SmartStream’s corporate actions business, running the operation from the development centre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Ensuring that SmartStream keeps at the forefront of solution delivery, Darryl launched SmartStream’s hosted service, TLM OnDemand in 2010. More recently, Darryl was head of product management for the TLM solutions suite.

Prior to joining SmartStream, Darryl worked at De La Rue, where he set up and ran the cash and treasury management systems team. Darryl holds a Ph.D. in Magneto-Optics and a Degree in Applied Physics.

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