Netcompany – Intrasoft

Netcompany – Intrasoft is the leading IT solutions and services provider in Greece, and is one of the main system integrators in South-Εastern Europe. With its unparalleled expertise and its broad portfolio of services, the group serves the needs of governments, public administrations, utility corporations, banks, financial services institutions and large enterprises. Intrasoft specialises in systems integration, software development, and provision of outsourcing and support services.

Netcompany – Intrasoft is working with SmartStream as a distributor for TLM Aurora, TLM Reconciliations Premium and TLM Cash Management in Greece, Cyprus and Africa.

Contact : Mr Agisilaos Papagiannopoulos – Business Development Director
Contact : Mr Yiannis Vovos – Senior Account Manager
Tel: + 30 210 667 9141