Success Story

Sydbank Case Study – Corporate Actions

Leading the way in corporate actions automation

As an early adopter of SmartStream TLM® Corporate Actions, Sydbank had the knowledge and vision to leverage the latest enhancements to meet the ever-changing needs and investment patterns of its customer base.

Company Overview

Sydbank is Denmark’s fourth largest bank serving 420,000 customers from 100 branches across the country as well as five in Germany. It has a 6% – 9% share of its home market and offers a broad range of products.

Business situation

In 2003 Sydbank took the decision to automate their corporate actions processing and as an early adopter of the SmartStream Corporate Actions solution, they have been successfully providing services to their customers, whilst lowering risk with quicker response times. In 2012 Sydbank upgraded their solution to meet the ever-changing needs and investment patterns of customers.


Sydbank were confident that SmartStream would provide them with a strong and viable solution. TLM Corporate Actions v.10 was selected for its flexible, detailed configuration with the ability to provide a holistic view of activity. Additionally, improvements have been made to the functionality and presentation with the end result being greater efficiency gains.

Key benefits
  • Supports Data Sourcing and Cleansing, Eligible Position Management, Election Management, Entitlement Calculation and Posting and Claims Management
  • User friendly interface and true template in notifications tab which is in line with industry standards
  • Flexible configuration possibilities – Enhanced functionality for a diary driven by tasks, exceptions, and milestones
  • Greater response times, a significant increase in stability and performance with a move towards real time flow of data
  • Fully supports this level of configuration and provides clients with these rules pre-defined out of the box – Supports SWIFT ISO 20022 and 15022 standards
  • Improves conversion to XML data flows with the host system