Exposing Operational Challenges in Managing Intraday Liquidity

The emergence of COVID-19 has had a major impact on the capital markets, especially for banks and their cash and liquidity management practices. In these increasingly turbulent conditions, actively managing intraday liquidity is no longer nice to have and a regulatory box-ticking exercise, but a matter of self-protection – and even of survival. 

Panel members: 

  • Nadeem Shamim, Head of Cash & Liquidity Management, SmartStream 
  • Tim Hardacre, Head of Intraday Liquidity, Deutsche Bank 
  • Philippe Rosset, Group Treasurer, Pictet 
  • Chris Wilgross, Head of Treasury, Crown Agents Bank 
  • David Fraher, Head of Funding and Liquidity Management, Barclays 
  • Andreas Biewald, Managing Director, Treasury, Commerzbank