Solution Delivery and Support

SmartStream's comprehensive solutions delivery and support kick in the moment a client deploys one of our solutions.

As a project advances through installation, fine-tuning and user acceptance phases, our solution delivery team manages upgrade releases, patches and bug remedies. Once the project is up and running, we provide flexible support packages to meet specific geographic, technology or business line needs

Our global support centres offer designated services and outstanding technical expertise. Clients have peace of mind knowing that, should a problem arise, they are in the best possible hands. Scalable and highly consistent, SmartStream support services ensure that critical systems run at optimal level, allowing customers to derive maximum benefit from their technology investment.

Given that this project ran in parallel with a number of strategic initiatives, its successful implementation was essential. We value SmartStream’s corporate actions expertise which guided us through the procedure in less than four months.

Coronation Fund Managers


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