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TLM Aurora

An innovative and comprehensive multi-product solution for delivering control and visibility for the reconciliation of cash transactions, securities messages and treasury confirmations through to digital payments.

A combination of factors is forcing financial institutions to examine transaction management processes in order to reduce operational risk and cost. There is an ever-present pressure to realise cost and efficiency gains by replacing manually intensive, paper-based processes with automated solutions that can increase straight-through-processing (STP) rates.

SmartStream’s TLM Aurora automates multi-product reconciliations to deliver greater control and visibility into transactions. It is a fully SWIFT-enabled, modular application that addresses the reconciliation needs of institutions of all sizes.

TLM Aurora’s modules provide a range of advanced functionality for the reconciliation of cash transactions, securities messages and treasury confirmations through to digital payments, instant payments and internal systems.

It delivers best market practice functionality out of the box, reducing time to market significantly. The objective of TLM Aurora is to provide solutions with a maximum return on investment (ROI) and return of excellence (ROE), which financial institutions need to pass along to their clients and partners.

TLM Aurora introduces a new approach to the user experience, presenting resources with their daily tasks and following a paradigm of ‘making complicated simple’. The HTML5 user interface reduces complexity and training requirements, providing an intuitive interface that leads personnel through their work.

TLM Aurora delivers greater efficiency, while reducing operational costs and risk through exception detection and enhanced transaction management. Identifying and raising exceptions at an earlier stage, pre- rather than post-settlement, provides a more accurate view of processes, enabling institutions to make more informed strategic decisions.

Available on multiple platforms, TLM Aurora supports firms to meet their transaction processing requirements, irrespective of their size, business lines or existing IT infrastructure. The introduction of microservices and containerisation, with delivery mechanisms based on Kubernetes (KBs), allows faster deployment and easier maintenance for all types of environments. TLM Aurora can be implemented on-premise, in a private cloud, or as a SaaS/ondemand and managed services deployment.

TLM Aurora makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) for the simple onboarding of data, while unsupervised AI is used in the matching process. Meanwhile, Affinity, user-trained AI learns from manual matching activity and institutionalises corporate intelligence.

TLM Aurora provides banks with the processing power to handle – and take advantage of – far wider datasets, such as those introduced by ISO 20022.

Designed to deliver secure remote access, customers are provided with secure access to internal screens, enabling greater control of risk exposure and improved customer service. The multi-tenancy capability makes it ideal for clients who intend to introduce a utility, provide services, or use SmartStream’s Managed Services.

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