Andreas Günther

Executive Vice President,
Head of Sales

Andreas Günther is Executive Vice President Head of Sales, he is responsible for the revenue recognition and operations of the global sales team.

Andreas brings with him over 35 years of industry experience with a profound knowledge of financial and technology organisations, including international negotiations, presentations, and speeches. He spent a decade of his professional career with Deutsche Börse AG and Clearstream Banking AG. More recently, during a sixteen-year tenure with Broadridge as Head of Continental Europe he was responsible for two products globally and three offices in Europe. He has also held senior management roles at Deutsche Bank AG / etb / Xchanging, as-well-as an online broker.

Andreas’ notable achievements include leading the migration management project for 16 banks into Deutsche Bank, working with the European Central Bank for the introduction of the Euro, and he was the co-author of a book called ‘Transaction Banking’.

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