The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) – Systematic Internaliser Registry

The only effective record of Systematic Internaliser (SI) services, essential to determine the current MIFID II status of a trading counterparty

A critical foundation for sustainable MiFID II compliance

The SI Registry offers a comprehensive and granular record of Systematic Internaliser status for each financial product and product group that the SI trades:

  • APAs and trading counterparties can reliably determine who should trade report and avoid regulatory risk from over or under reporting
  • Counterparties can reliably populate transaction reports with the Buyer Identification Code and Venue
  • Systematic Internalisers can advertise their SI services
  • Buy-side firms can select brokers based on their SI status
  • Buy-side firms can avoid regulatory risk by ensuring that their selected brokers offer SI services for the financial products that they trade
  • SI status also indicates that a broker can offer liquidity and best execution for OTC trades
  • SI Status and ToTV eligibility are essential components of a MIFID II control framework.
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