Machine learning in finance – Andreas Burner, SmartStream – DigFin VOX

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Andreas Burner, Chief Innovation Officer, SmartStream Technologies, speaks with DigFin about artificial intelligence’s deployment among financial institutions – in particular, machine learning, how ML has evolved, the challenges it continues to present, and the benefits that banks, asset managers, and other are deriving. The impression is one of important progress despite a myriad of smaller issues that financial institutions and tech vendors continue to grapple with.

Show notes:

  • The big problems AI can solve, ML’s evolution: 1.30
  • Data science roles, a software company’s approach to ML: 5.45
  • Explainability in AI: 8.00
  • Fintech versus FI approaches to infrastructure: 9.20
  • Cloud versus data science, hardware vs software: 11.40
  • FIs’ challenge with explainability: 13.40
  • Use cases: visualization, making sense of the data: 15.50
  • User experience: challenges with ML: 18.30
  • How ML is benefitting financial institutions: 19.30
  • Standardizing software: 22.30
  • Reconciliations and exceptions processing: 24.30
  • Convergence: AI and blockchain for FIs: 27.05
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Machine learning in finance – Andreas Burner, SmartStream – DigFin VOX