Firms are constantly under scrutiny with the growing number of regulatory requirements. In addition, they are under pressure to lower operational costs by automating manual processes. Incorporating over three decades of industry experience, Corona’s proven technology is designed to meet these challenges by increasing straight-through processing rates whilst fulfilling reporting and compliance needs.

The Corona solution suite provides a high degree of automation through its industry-leading match rates and seamlessly integrated exception management. It delivers a consolidated view of operational processes in one scalable platform, thereby providing visibility into exceptions as they occur in order to quickly escalate and resolve any issues. Critical transactions are maintained, whilst low-risk transaction costs are kept to a minimum.

A solution scalable to your needs
With the ability to handle millions of transactions per day, whether its hosted on-premise or managed in the cloud, SmartStream’s Corona offers flexible solutions that lower operational cost and risk, no matter the size of the organisation or business area. With the ability to leverage legacy systems, onboarding Corona ensures minimum disruption on your daily operations with short implementation times.