Currency Conversion rates (approximate) 

  • GBP 1 = USD 1.66 
  • EUR 1 = USD 1.32 
  • SGD 1 = USD 0.80 

Click here for a currency converter for all currencies. 

Credit cards are widely accepted in Boston, ATM’s can be found almost everywhere in the city, (bank charges will apply for some cards) and in specific areas outlined below during SIBOS. Money can also be changed at the airport, banks and most hotels. 

NOTE: Taxis accept credit cards, but occasionally there may be a glitch. Ensure to query the driver before selecting this method of payment. 

Banking hours are generally 

  • Monday to Wednesday 08.00am - 16.30pm 
  • Thursday to Friday 08.30am - 18.00pm 
  • Saturday 09.00am - 15.00pm 

ATM Machines (Onsite)

There are three ATM machines within the BCEC

  • Two are located on Level 1 
  • The most convenient ATM is located on the Exhibit Level. (Adjacent to the Business Centre)


SIBOS Gratuities: The BCEC has a non-tipping policy and at no time should staff be offered or accept a tip. 

Hotels and restaurants will vary in the manner in which they include, exclude or request tips. Restaurants will occasionally add a 13-20% service charge to the bill, if it is not included 10% is acceptable for a tip. Gratuities to hotel staff are at your discretion. Taxi drivers are generally given USD2.00 depending on the duration and destination, but again at discretion. 

Dress Code

The dress code for SIBOS is business attire. 

There is no recommended dress code for the closing party and outside of the SIBOS Conference. But do be mindful as to the company you will be around during your time outside of the Conference. (Further information on weather below) 

SIBOS Scheduler

SIBOS Scheduler is the tool used to schedule all meetings during SIBOS. Please be aware that your daily meetings will be printed and available daily. Should you require further information, please refer to Stand C19 reception.

The ‘people finder’ tool is available during your time at SIBOS should you wish to search for an individual or lookup information. Should you not have online access, please speak to reception. 

Booking meetings: should you not have access to the Scheduler during SIBOS, please request meetings directly from Mia Allen (or the stand reception desk). 


The average temperature in Boston during September / October reaches a high of 17°C (about 63°F) during the day but can dip as low as 8°C (about 46°F) at night. You can still expect rain on an average of 9 days of the month. The average monthly rain is around 84mm, and there is around 7 hours of average daily sunshine

While daytime temperatures are fairly warm, the cooler evenings and the chance of showers mean that you should definitely bring warmer clothing such as an overcoat. 

As the weather can be quite changeable, it would be a good idea to check the local weather report before planning a trip. 

Lost & Found

During Sibos official open hours, lost and found is located at the Public Safety Desk on Level 1 (North Lobby) at the Summer Street Entrance. 

After event hours, lost and found items are stored / logged in the Public Safety Command Center. 

To inquire about a lost item or report a found item, please contact +1 617 954 2222 or click here.

Participants may photograph their own exhibits only. Exhibition management, the official show photographers and accredited Press are exempt from this restriction. 


Don'f forget to bring appropriate adaptors, Boston uses the standard two-pin US plug.


The BCEC is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not allowed in the building at any time however smoking outside the building is permitted in demarcated area.


  • Business cards 
  • Power adapters 
  • Chargers for phones, laptops 
  • Sibos app, to download the app visit the stores for Android or iOS