Sibos online

You should have been sent your login details by SWIFT. Please take some time to look at the site as it is full of helpful information about the conference and exhibition. The ‘people finder’ tool is particularly useful when booking meetings with delegates. Go to ‘my tools’ then ‘delegate tools’ and click on ‘people finder’ to go to the search page.

Delegate lists will also be distributed by SWIFT on 8 August, 12 September and 10 October. These will be shared with attendees by the marketing team when received.


Credit cards are not readily accepted in Japan except at high-end department stores, hotels and top restaurants so make sure you have some cash with you at all times.

ATMs are plentiful but do not always take foreign bank cards even if they display the Visa or Mastercard symbol. ATM machines at postal offices do tend to take foreign cards but these are often only open from 9-5pm on Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings. Larger 7-11 stores are also starting to install ATM machines linked to the postal network.

There is a Citibank ATM at the airport which takes foreign bank cards so it is worth getting money here if you didn’t change any before leaving.

Tipping is not expected in Japan.

Conversion rates (approximate)

GBP 1 = JPY 125 
USD 1 = JPY 80 
EUR 1 = JPY 100

Dress code

The dress code for Sibos is business attire.


Autumn in Osaka is similar to northern Europe with unpredictable weather but generally warm days and warm nights. 

Click here to see the forecast 


Japanese plugs have two pins and look like North American plugs however some American equipment will not work without an adaptor and may even get damaged. Voltage is 100V.

There will be power on the stand but spare sockets will be limited so please charge all electrical items at the hotel.


Note that many Japanese hotels do not have irons so it may be useful to take a travel iron if you have one.