The new operation will be managed by Nick Smith, SVP Managed Services, SmartStream, who will be responsible for a team of professionals who will manage the whole operations service, whilst providing additional support for the Mumbai and Bangalore operations. The client will benefit from no IT overheads or people costs, resulting in lower cost of operations; with ease of data reporting; and the ability to maintain a controlled team to monitor ongoing performance.

Nick Smith, SVP Managed Services, SmartStream, states: “We are delighted to service our major client initially from our Bangalore campus and now our brand new location in Jaipur, where we have the necessary infrastructure for a managed service offering and an excellent talent pool – hiring the best people for the job is one of the key advantages of this office. Since the opening there has been an incredible amount of interest from other financial institutions. Our goal is clearly to service our clients with the best technology and the fully trained staff who can provide the best quality service”.