These customised data services offer a cost effective way of guaranteeing results. Processes are run across all services to create exceptional data accuracy, on time and tailored to your ever changing needs and requirements. Provided within a fully audited environment, each service is customisable to include any source, data or asset type, cross reference, management of event impact and client driven rules, controls and reports.

Services are managed and fully supported within a service framework to include:

  • Reference Data Management delivers hosted services that create flexibility and control through common processing. This offers the advantages of a low-cost service model and the elimination of the capital investment required to build, deploy and manage reference data and back office processes.
  • Legal Entity mastering including ultimate parent(s) to bottom most child hierarchies, fuzzy matching and integrity workflows, and corporate action impact monitoring and adoption. The service fully supports all role types, instrument links, Standard Settlement Instructions (SSI) and Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI).
  • Security mastering for multiple asset classes, on any source, down to any attribute including inter-instrument links and groupings, symbology cross referencing and corporate action impact monitoring and adoption.
  • Prices management for providing intraday or end of day price controls including management of exceptions for tolerance checking, price hierarchies, value derivation and custom rules.
  • Corporate Actions supporting any exchange, vendor or custodian feed regardless of format with full ISO15022, 20022 and XBRL support to create cleansed data alongside exception management workflows to determine Resolution.
  • Symbology Cross Referencing to flexibly map internal and external data vendor identifiers, allowing for easy integration of data and the ability to change data sources without intrusive application modification.
  • Global Holiday Calendar for providing global coverage of trading sessions, exchange holidays, bank holidays, stock exchange settlement holidays, and derivatives exchange holidays. All holidays and sessions are continually monitored and any changes delivered to users.