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Waters: Cash & Liquidity Management
Liquidity - Bringing it all Together
Industry Report

Cash and liquidity management systems are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with firms prioritizing projects that can help meet regulatory requirements and deliver improved efficiencies for the business. In a bid to optimize liquidity management, the market has seen firms move towards intraday models and global liquidity engines.

PDF document pdf 2389.0kb

FTF Awards 2017
FTF Awards interview with Susan Ciambra, SVP Sales, SmartStream
Expert Webcast
Susan Ciambra, SVP Sales, SmartStream, talks to FTF News about outsourcing and the utility model for operations

Peter Moss interview
Challenges and changes in the reference data business
Expert Webcast

In this seven part video series Peter Moss, CEO - The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU), talks to Fintech Finance on:

Part 1: What are the challenges and changes in the industry?
Part 2: What effect have regulations on innovations in the industry?
Part 3: How does the RDU scale?
Part 4: How does the RDU compliment the SmartStream portfolio?
Part 5: What are the risks of having incomplete data?
Part 6: What is the effect of a shared services model?
Part 7: What is on the agenda of the RDU for the near future?

MiFID II Webinar
Webinar Recording: MiFID II - Research Unbundling, Permissioning and Commission Sharing Arrangements

Industry experts discuss the data, solutions and services needed to segregate research consumption in accordance with MiFID II. Watch the webinar playback to find out about: 

  • The MiFID II research regime 
  • Challenges presented by change 
  • Approaches to compliance 
  • Benefits of successful implementation 
  • Expert advice on unbundling

Corona Archive
Supporting full compliance with regulatory standards with rapid access to historic data while minimising data storage costs

PDF document pdf 972.0kb

Trading Regulations Handbook
A-Team Group: Trading Regulations Handbook
Industry Report

This handbook has been developed to provide an at-a-glance guide to the regulation we expect to have the greatest impact on the trading operations of financial institutions of all types. The intention is to give you an easy reference guide to the main regulations affecting trading operations, allowing you to address questions as they occur.

PDF document pdf 5321.0kb

Reconciliations: The Road to End-to-End Automation

Are your reconciliations systems and processes ready to support future growth? 

Financial reconciliations have come under scrutiny as firms are increasingly realizing the problems associated with often manually intensive operations, which are challenging to scale in order to meet changing business and regulatory requirements. A competitive market environment and pressure on margins have led to a focus on improving efficiencies and reducing operational overheads, and for many there are clear benefits from improving automation of reconciliations.

PDF document pdf 267.0kb

IRD Awards 2017
Inside Reference Data Awards 2017: Winner Interview
Expert Webcast

Joe Turso, Vice President, SmartStream, talks to Inside Reference Data about the won awards this year.

Peter Moss about MiFID II
What is the impact of MiFID II on trade execution?
Expert Webcast
Peter Moss, CEO, The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU), talks to Finextra at the Thomson Reuters Summit about how MiFID II will impact trade execution.

Q&A about fees and expense management
Q&A discussion about fees and expense management across the financial industry
Expert Webcast

In this three part video Q&A discussion, Bharat Malesha, EVP Fees and Expense Management, SmartStream, talks to Victor Anderson, Editor-in-Chief, Waters Technology about:

Part 1: Fees and expense management across the financial industry
Part 2: Transaction cost analysis (TCA)
Part 3: SmartStream's operational strategy around fees and expense management