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Corona Quantum
Cash and liquidity management monitoring to support the reporting requirements for Basel III

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Corona Guard
Increasing your operational efficiency by detecting errors before they occur and eradicating flawed data flows

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Christian Schiebl, EVP SmartStream, talks to Financial IT about the changes in the retail payments ecosystem
The retail payments ecosystem
Expert Webcast
Christian Schiebl, EVP SmartStream, talks to Financial IT about the changes in the retail payments ecosystem, how SmartStream helps financial institutions to manage retail payments challenges and about the Corona Retail Payments Control solution

Fintech Finance Interview
Challenges and changes in fees and expense management
Expert Webcast
In this five part video series Bharat Malesha, EVP Fees and Expense Management, talks to Fintech Finance on:

Part 1: What are the challenges and changes in the industry?
Part 2: Fees and expense management - why to be concerned?
Part 3: How does digital technology enable banks to make their processes more efficient?
Part 4: How does the Fees and Expense Management solution compliment the SmartStream portfolio?
Part 5: How will technology services evolve?

TABB Group Report
TABB Group: European Financial Markets - Preparing to Profit from Change
Industry Report

Europe’s capital markets stand on the cusp of their biggest overhaul in decades. From January 2018, a revised version of the region’s trading rulebook, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), will upend how markets operate, bringing more transparency across the trading lifecycle, and changing everything from the way trades execute to how deals are reported, cleared and settled. The breaking of the UK from the EU will also have a huge impact on the financial services industry, with further elections in France and Germany posing even more uncertainty.

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Whitepaper: Preparing for MiFID II
A Team: Preparing for MiFID II Data Requirements

MiFID II is scheduled to come into force on January 3, 2018; firms need to make arrangements now for meeting their requirements concerning pre-trade checks, data validation, data enrichment and regulatory reporting. Understanding what’s needed is a top priority, as even the simplest concept – pre-trade price transparency or post-trade reporting, say – can have complex repercussions for a firm’s data-collection and reporting obligations.

This paper examines the data requirements of key aspects of MiFID II, and offers guidance on approaches to sourcing and managing the data needed to ensure compliance with this complex regulation.

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Waters Awards 2017
Sell-Side Technology Awards 2017 Winners' Interview with SmartStream
Expert Webcast
Dan Defrancesco, US Editor Waters Technology magazine, interviews SmartStream's Susan Ciambra, Head of NA Sales, on winning ‘Best Sell-Side Reconciliations Platform’ for the fifth consecutive year. She explains why SmartStream has been so successful and why it continues to be the dominant force in the reconciliations space.

Raiffeisen Bank International
Intraday liquidity management for regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiency
Case Study
Raiffeisen Bank International AG made the strategic decision to select Corona Cash & Liquidity to obtain regulatory acceptance and create further efficiencies. The solution, built upon the bank’s existing Corona Cash environment, harnesses its quality data to meet liquidity reporting requirements of both the regulators and internal management teams.

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Corona Retail Payments Control
Reduce cost, mitigate risks, improve client value and deliver operational control across the entire retail payments transaction lifecycle

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Corona Cash and Liquidity
Comprehensive, enterprise-wide, real-time cash and liquidity management

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