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Whitepaper: Preparing for MiFID II
A Team: Preparing for MiFID II Data Requirements

MiFID II is scheduled to come into force on January 3, 2018; firms need to make arrangements now for meeting their requirements concerning pre-trade checks, data validation, data enrichment and regulatory reporting. Understanding what’s needed is a top priority, as even the simplest concept – pre-trade price transparency or post-trade reporting, say – can have complex repercussions for a firm’s data-collection and reporting obligations.

This paper examines the data requirements of key aspects of MiFID II, and offers guidance on approaches to sourcing and managing the data needed to ensure compliance with this complex regulation.

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Waters Awards 2017
Sell-Side Technology Awards 2017 Winners' Interview with SmartStream
Expert Webcast
Dan Defrancesco, US Editor Waters Technology magazine, interviews SmartStream's Susan Ciambra, Head of NA Sales, on winning ‘Best Sell-Side Reconciliations Platform’ for the fifth consecutive year. She explains why SmartStream has been so successful and why it continues to be the dominant force in the reconciliations space.

Raiffeisen Bank International
Intraday liquidity management for regulatory compliance and increased operational efficiency
Case Study
Raiffeisen Bank International AG made the strategic decision to select Corona Cash & Liquidity to obtain regulatory acceptance and create further efficiencies. The solution, built upon the bank’s existing Corona Cash environment, harnesses its quality data to meet liquidity reporting requirements of both the regulators and internal management teams.

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Corona Retail Payments Control
Reduce cost, mitigate risks, improve client value and deliver operational control across the entire retail payments transaction lifecycle

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Corona Cash and Liquidity
Comprehensive, enterprise-wide, real-time cash and liquidity management

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The SmartStream Reference Data Utility – Listed Derivatives Service
Reference data management that assures quality, timeliness and complete coverage

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RDU Handbook 2017
A-Team Group: The Reference Data Utility Handbook 2017
Industry Report

There has been a focus over the past few years on automating trading activities and other business processes, making it easier to manage growth in data volumes, deliver on faster settlement times and improve efficiency. Much of that automation has been successful, but it has also revealed the inevitable truth that automation is only as good as the reference data that supports it.

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The Multi-Billion Dollar Headache... Exploring Benefits of a Utility Model
Waters Webinar (audio): Fees and Expense Management
Expert Webcast

The Multi-Billion Dollar Headache... Exploring Benefits of a Utility Model 

Bharat Malesha EVP Fees & Expense Management SmartStream and Matthew Brown Global Head of Brokerage clearing and Exchange - Director Credit Suisse, explore the benefits of a utility for the management of fees and invoices at financial firms.

Credit Suisse
Fee management issues offer utility opportunity
Case Study
Credit Suisse built a commission fees and expense management system nearly a decade ago with the goal of improving efficiency for brokerage, clearing and exchange fees. SmartStream acquired the platform in December 2014, transforming the system into a utility model.

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FinFuture Interview Fees
Finfuture Interview: Fees and Expense Management
Expert Webcast
Finfuture talks to Bharat Malesha, EVP Fees and Expense Management, SmartStream about the how customers can create efficiencies in their businesses, ultimately driving profitability.