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A-Team Group: Business Case for The SmartStream Reference Data Utility
Building the Business Case for Joining the Reference Data Utility

The benefits of joining a utility for managing reference data are clear: it’s an opportunity to enjoy improved data quality, simplify overly complex data management infrastructures, meet constantly expanding (and changing) regulatory requirements and – significantly – realise significant reductions in operating costs.

This white paper describes the four key business cases that can be addressed by adopting a utility-based approach to reference data management. It also describes common objections and how The SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU) business model addresses them. And finally it takes a look at the roles of the decision-makers and influencers and how to work to bring them onboard.

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Fees and Expense Management
Delivering control, visibility and operational oversight in an evolving market

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Proven and easy to deploy technology to reduce operational costs for Corona Mainframe customers

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Customised collateral management to keep pace with regulatory and technological change
Case Study
As a result of infrastructure changes and regulatory guidelines, Australian firm Suncorp needed to upgrade its collateral management system to meet industry best practices

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Corona - Driving innovation and raising transaction efficiency
Corona - Driving innovation and raising transaction efficiency
Solution Demonstration

SmartStream’s Corona is designed to automate multiproduct reconciliations to deliver greater control and visibility into transactions. Corona is a SWIFT certified, modular application that addresses the reconciliation needs of institutions of all sizes to provide greater transaction management control.

RDU Webinar
The Reference Data Utility: How and why Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley are on board
Expert Webcast
In this panel discussion hear first hand what the founding partners and SmartStream have to say about the business benefits of the utility.

IRD Awards
Inside Reference Data Awards 2016 Winners' Interview with SmartStream
Expert Webcast
SmartStream captured awards for Best Enterprise Data Initiative and Best Reference Data Initiative by a vendor, Joseph Turso, VP, SmartStream, sat down with Inside Reference Data following the company's wins.

Whitepaper: The Reference Data Utility
The Reference Data Utility: How Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley are breaking the reference data mold

For years, reference data management has been regarded as a necessary evil: a mission-critical function that requires significant resource in terms of data, staff and IT infrastructure, but which represents no true commercial differentiator for financial institutions across the board. Banks, brokerages and asset managers across the industry have long dedicated similar levels of resource to cleansing, normalising and aggregating the same data sets, creating a massive duplication of effort.

Past efforts to create some form of shared central utility to take away the pain of this have failed. Until now. The industry has its first viable utility in the form of the SmartStream Reference Data Utility (RDU), backed by its founding partners. This paper examines what was behind the decision for these Tier 1 banks to buy into the concept, the benefits they are receiving and how can adopting such a model help other financial institutions.

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Waters Awards 2016
Sell-Side Technology Awards 2016 Winners' Interview with SmartStream
Expert Webcast
Anthony Malakian, US Editor Waters magazine, chats to SmartStream's Kurt Eldridge, Regional Director Americas, about his firm's win in this year's SST Awards.

Collateral Management Whitepaper
Collateral Management: Regulatory Forces Driving the Behaviour of Financial Firms in Asia

Starting in September 2016, the OTC Derivatives market will fall under new collateral and risk management standards as per the requirements developed by the International Organisation of Securities Commissions (IOSCO). Experts say that these requirements present work for both the buy-side and sell-side to ensure that systems and processes comply.

This white paper looks at how regulatory forces are driving the behaviour of financial institutions across the Asia Pacific region and includes comments from a number of key industry experts.

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